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Monday, November 28, 2011

Why I Like Thanksgiving

The title sounds like a third grade essay, doesn't it?  Well, this may read like one, too!

I've been thinking and thinking about why I like Thanksgiving.  I've run a lot of ideas through my head and struggled with putting words to my thoughts.  Whenever I think of Thanksgiving I think of times in the past, times spent with family.  Some involved traveling to Houston or Brandon, some involve just being at home.  But I always have a pleasant, peaceful feeling that seems to drop over me when I think of Thanksgiving.  So I put together this list, which may be amended in the future but for now: 

Reasons I Like Thanksgiving:
  1. The weather is usually nice, not too hot and not too cold.  I love November mornings when it is overcast and a little wet and there are colorful, damp leaves everywhere (note that we have NOT had a morning like this this year).  Makes me want to call in sick and just go walk around with the dogs and then come home and have coffee on the deck before taking a nap (what a fantasy in sick? ha ha).
  2. Time spent with family.  Yes, we have a big meal on Thursday and then eat leftovers for a while.  There is something very peaceful about gathering together for a meal anytime, but there is something special about the Thanksgiving meal.  Maybe it is the quantity of food, maybe it is using the good china or the Christmas plates, or maybe because we usually have extended family in from out of town.  But we also spend time together shopping or going to the Peddler Show and eating at Chuy's.  Time spent together, something for which to be thankful.
  3. Anticipating the Christmas season.  Thanksgiving is the prelude, and the wonderful season of Christmas follows.  Just thinking about decorations, Christmas music, and the celebration of the season makes me excited.  I think that anticipating an event is part of the experience and should be fully enjoyed.
  4. Giving thanks.  We are blessed with so much.  I think most of us are thankful to God for all that we have and offer thanks throughout the year.  I'm thankful for health, for my family that lives so close together, for my home and my dogs and cats that are my companions, a job that supplies my needs, my church family, and for all that I have.  But I'm also thankful for the experiences of life and for each day that I live.

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