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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

UFOs and WIPs

Quilters have UFOs and WIPs.  It is part of our culture.  Start the project, get well into it with the project spread over half your house, then abandon it for a new project.  UFOs are un-finished objects!  WIPs are a little more gentler, they are works in progress!

I have UFOs, many UFOs.  Every now and then I do finish something so it is not like I totally abandon a project.  I started it because it was something I wanted to make, therefore, it is something I do want to finish, right?  Right, all will get finished someday.  Except for the failed projects, they get re-cycled into another project.  But, still these unfinished projects bug me.  They call out to me, and sometimes they fuss at me for not completing one project at a time. 

But I found out at the quilt festival that Martha Washington (yes, George's spouse) had unfinished quilts.  Or at least one anyway.  I attended a lecture luncheon with a well known quilt teacher, designer, publisher, etc. The lecture was titled "Why We Quilt".  It was light hearted and fun, but the best part was when she showed a picture of a quilt that Martha had pieced but never quilted.  The room roared when the speaker pointed out that even back then there were UFOs!  Now I feel better about my bad habit!

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