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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Boston Common

One of the things on my "do in Boston" list was to walk through the Boston Common.  It was a beautiful day and Bostonians and tourists were out in full force.  Blankets were spread out, picnic baskets were open, and various games were in process.  I walked a way into the Common and sat down on the grass.  This photo was the part of the view that I enjoyed.  I didn't have a lot of time to linger since I had many things on the list, but I needed to rest and this was the perfect place to sit peacefully for a few minutes.

I couldn't help but think of the years of the park's existence and the history of the ground that I sat upon.  The tour guide on my trip had told us that the Common was established in 1634, but I can't remember who bought the land or any details she told us.  I do know that the land was hilly at that time, and used for cattle grazing, garbage dumping, and for public hangings (ugh!).  During the American Revolution the British troops camped in the Common.  In the 1800's the park was leveled, drained and cleaned up and then landscaped.  The Boston Public Garden, just across the street, was created in 1837.  Both are beautiful, and provide a welcome contrast to the surrounding city.  I couldn't help but notice one amazing thing about both parks...there wasn't a speck of trash anywhere!  I would assume that it is because Bostonians are very proud of their public parks and treasure them way to much to leave behind any trash.

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