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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Just realized I haven't posted in 2 weeks.  Time flies is all I can say!  Jaydon and I took Bentley to his first dog show today.  Actually it was a "fun match" which is just a show for fun to let the dogs practice for the real shows.  I'll do a post on the dog's blog but had to include this picture here:

As we drove to the match (it was in Austin) I couldn't help but think that Sunday is now just another day in our world.  Sadly, I realize that not everybody goes to church.  And, yes, many churches now offer worship services on Saturday nights.  But it just seems that Sunday has lost its sacredness and its designation as a day of rest.

I had been bummed about the match being on a Sunday morning, but just told myself oh well, deal with it.  It seems that more and more events are being held on Sunday now.  Last week I noticed a sign for a Farmer's Market at a nearby shopping area and thought "Oh neat, I need to check it out."  But it is on Sunday mornings, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. right during the church hours.  I see kids sports teams having games more and more on Sundays, too.  And since the Blue Laws were abolished the stores are open pretty much regular hours.

Now, yes, I do occasionally run to the store on Sunday.  And, sometimes I don't go to church either.  I admit, I made the choice this morning to take my dog to a dog match and not go to church.  Realistically I know we can worship God anywhere, anytime (and we should always be in an attitude of worship) but we should put aside the world for a few hours each week and concentrate our thoughts on the living God.  Having the world clamoring at us to go about our business as usual on Sunday is not a good distraction.  And what about the day of rest commandment?  We all need that rest and a time to reconnect with our faith.

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