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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Herding Cats

I love that phrase, "herding cats".  It just says it all!  I've been herding cats the last few days but I got them rounded up today!  We had a wedding shower for one of the young girls in the office.  I wanted the entire staff to be involved, and in the end they were.  But I remarked to one cohort who worked closely with the event that I felt like we were "herding cats".

So she went to the internet and started sending me pictures of "herding cats"; too funny!  I think I need to order one of the prints that was for sale and put it in my office.  But the shower was lovely, and the bride was so happy (I had flashbacks to Erin's wedding shower in the same office and hope this bride will have beautiful memories of today).

Now that this is over I have to start on the Christmas party planning.  Herding cats again, but this time it is the managers!

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