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Monday, November 22, 2010

Picture of the Week

Okay, dear readers, I know you think I've really gone looney this week but bear with me!   So you are thinking what is the big deal, everyone has a microwave.  But wait, not everybody.  For the last seven plus years I have not had a microwave.  Yes, that is right and no, this was not little house on the prairie.  When I bought my house it did not come with a microwave.  I had intended to have one installed over the cooktop but after measuring I realized the microwave wouldn't work there as it would be too close to the cooktop.  I was reluctant to give up some of my nice countertop space and as time went by I adapted to cooking the old way, without microwaves.  So I never bought a microwave oven.  Honestly, I never really missed it but I did get funny looks from people when I mentioned that I didn't have one!

Last week I got to thinking about reheating all those wonderful Thanksgiving leftovers and how nice it would be to pop those plates into a microwave oven and have a quick re-heat.  So I broke down and bought this one.  I've quickly remembered how handy they are and have been popping everything in there to heat.  I'm having to adjust to having food hot faster, though.  I've grown used to putting food on the cooktop or in the toaster oven and then making a salad or whatever while the food warmed.  With the microwave there is far less time to prep other items so I've re-learned to coordinate meal prep on a faster scale.

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