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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

One of our favorite fall things to do is visit the pumpkin patch.  Last Sunday we headed out to our favorite patch (with lots of room and a very scenic back drop for pictures) but alas, their pumpkins had not arrived.  So we drove over to another one that we knew was stocked.  They did have pumpkins but not a lot of photo spots, and it was in the bright, hot, sun.  So my pictures didn't turn out too great.  I did get a good one of Stephanie & Jaydon that I'm putting here.  If time permits we may try to visit the other patch, if they get their pumpkins!  But Jaydon had fun and we did bring home a trunk load of calabazos for our porches.

Stephanie & Jaydon


The little guy and his family visited another patch.  They had a good photo session!  I scanned in this one, he just looked so sweet!  I can tell he had fun. 

And he did something really cute Sunday evening.  He and his family were walking out to their car, having already said their goodbyes,  when he broke away and ran back to my front door.  James and I followed him but as we reached the door he just laid down right in front of the door.  If I had not had to go to work the next day I would have insisted that they let him stay.  He did not want to leave!

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