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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Harvest Festival 2010

Today was our church's Harvest Festival.  This is something that Jaydon looks forward to every year.  On the way to Sunday School (I meet him and his Mommy half way to church and he goes to Sunday School with me and then she joins us for worship) he was chattering away about our plans for the afternoon.  He wasn't disappointed, he had a great time!  And Cameron stopped by for a while, too. 

I'm not sure about the expression on Jaydon's face, but it made me laugh.  He had had his face painted but in the heat it smeared so it adds to the comic look.  And Cameron, what can I say except that he is cute, cute, cute and I got a big hug from him!
Sawyer made his first appearance at the Harvest Festival.  He is so easy going and laid back but at the same time he is always eager for affection.  All the children wanted to pet him and his tail almost never stopped wagging.

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