It is the small simple things of life that bring us peace.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Life's Rituals

One day a week, sometimes two, I work in a town just north of here.  Tuesday morning I got a late start and was really running late.  So I called the other support staff person that works in the office on her cell phone, come to find out she was running late, too.  Since I knew I still had a ways to drive I offered to stop at Starbuck's and get us coffee and muffins.  She took me up on the offer, and she was fairly close to the office so I knew I didn't have to rush.  As I went into the Starbuck's I noticed that the sign on the door stated "Take comfort in life's rituals".  I got the coffee and muffins and went on to the office.  As we enjoyed our breakfast (yes, we do work even if we are late and eat muffins!) we discussed this saying.

I've always felt there is comfort in doing routine things.  I realized this several years ago when a member of our church passed away after a long illness.  His wife had pretty much lived by his side in the hospital for months.  I was in a group of women soon after his funeral and they were discussing how the widow was doing.  One of the ladies said that she had spoken with her the night before and she (the widow) was glad to finally be home and was happy to have filled up her dishwasher and was doing little chores like taking out the trash.  Another lady in the group was horrified, but we all quickly said, no, there is comfort in those simple little tasks.  Taking out the trash is a routine chore, but one of the little rituals that we do.  And by doing some of those small, everyday tasks bring order to our lives and in turn, comfort and peace. 

As  humans we need order in our day.  We need those rituals and routines to provide continuity and stability in our lives.  I know that when life gets helter-skelter that just getting back to the "normal routine" can make me feel much more balanced.  So, my advice is "Take comfort in life's rituals".  Now, I have to take out the trash, wash the dishes, and finish my laundry.

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