It is the small simple things of life that bring us peace.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Things I love

While writing the creating yourself posts I swirled around a lot of thoughts about myself and the person I've created, all without conclusion. Without realizing it I revealed a small clue to myself of how I've used the selective process where we attach ourselves to what we want to be and turn away from what we do not want to be.

A few days ago I did a much needed makeover to the sidebar on this blog.  I added several pictures and labeled two of them as something I loved.  Really, they all are things I love.  Afterwards I realized that the pictures on this blog really are a statement of who I am. I've used that selective process to choose the things I love, the things that bring me contentment and make me want to surround myself with like things.

Maybe this blog should be titled "The Small Simple Things I Love"! I've realized that I really was creating a part of myself when I started this blog; now I realize that I'm using it to express who I am and to refine the things I love.  The creating process continues, doesn't it?  And, I'll be sharing more of the things I love that make me who I am.

A not so great cell phone picture, but it shows something I love.  My coffee/tea cup was sitting in the sun in the window of a former office when I made this picture.  I've always loved china and pottery and have incorporated them into my home and everyday life.  Recognize the pattern? 
Old Country Roses by Royal Albert


  1. I love china tea cups. They are a passion.

    1. Yes! Tea cups, tea pots, sugar and creamer sets are things I love (especially when they hold steaming hot tea!)