It is the small simple things of life that bring us peace.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Different Sunday Morning

I'm not sure why I decided to do this, but this morning I did something a little different. Sometimes you just need a change of routine and a little peace and serenity in your life.  I found mine this morning when, instead of going to church, I took Baylee and my camera to San Pedro Springs Park. 

I don't know what it is about this place that attracts me back to it.  I came here several times making pictures for the post as it took me a while to walk around to each of the areas; after all, it is 46 acres in size.  Maybe it is the fact that it is surrounded by the busy city.  Or it could be that all that history that has taken place here is sending me vibes!  At any rate I love to come here, even now when the fence is in place for the swimming season. 
This morning there was almost no one in the park and Baylee and I felt like it was our own private place.  I even dropped her leash, but she wanted to stay right with me.  She is not much of a walker, so we stopped frequently and walked slowly, enjoying the morning.
I had not noticed this charming water fountain before.  There was no date, but it was made in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Can't you just see a gentleman wearing a hat and a pinstriped suit holding the button for a lady carrying a dainty little parasol to get a drink?

We walked around the pool and then came to sit on the rock wall that overlooks it. This was the perfect place for a photo session with Baylee.  She was more than willing to pose as she was perfectly happy to sit and enjoy her outing without having to walk.
What was Baylee staring at?  A big black dog!  People were beginning to walk through the park, but even so there was just peace here.  I had to think that this was what the earth was like when God created it, before people came along to mess everything up!
A group of people approached the little gazebo, one of the ladies was wearing a white ankle length dress but the others were casually dressed. I suspected there was a little early morning wedding taking place.  When I heard applause, I knew that probably the groom had kissed his bride!

My different Sunday morning was perfect; sometimes it is good to do something different.  Time to be out of doors, time to be with Baylee, time to enjoy the beauty of a summer morning.  So peaceful, I knew that God was with me.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

It must be July

The last few days our temperatures have finally started to creep up into the upper 90's and we will probably cross the 100 degree mark over the weekend.    It feels like July, finally.  We've had a cooler than normal spring that lingered over into early summer; the temperature gradually crept into highs in the lower 90's and surprisingly stayed there.  Now, no one complains about that kind of weather, but now that the hot weather is upon us everyone is almost welcoming it as a sign of normality.  In addition, we've actually had a little rain that has been wonderful except that it did bring the mosquitos.  There's nothing like trying to hold the garden hose in one hand and slap the mosquitos with the other to make you feel like it's summer.

Several weeks ago I got an e-mail from one of the many quilting supply distributors that I like to shop from.  It reminded me that there were only so many days until Christmas and the time to start my Christmas projects was now; Christmas in July it told me.  Really, I thought.  I don't need that kind of reminder.  I had a quick vision of the many unfinished and un-started Christmas projects that are  stored away in my unused sewing room.  They are all things I want to make and have honest intentions of finishing, but not at the present time.  Not for Christmas 2014 anyway.  The twins just turned 3 and I still need to finish their Christmas stockings and hope that will happen this year.  But anything else will not happen, not even the beautiful tree skirt that just needs to be basted and quilted.  I deleted the e-mail.

Then a short time later I got another e-mail from another quilting supply distributor.  This one was reminding me that July is the time to get started on my fall and Halloween projects.  I did take a few minutes to look at the tempting fabrics - pumpkins, leaves, and cute little novelty prints with little black cats. I could just feel all that fabric under my fingers.  Hmmm, I think I have a few fall projects under way and stored away, too.  What about that cute print of Halloween cats that I was going to stitch into a wall hanging or the one with the appliqued pumpkins on the fence that I abandoned because the fence wasn't straight enough to suit me?    Oooooh, I thought.  But I quickly came back to reality.  Really?  Do you really think there is enough time to make anything for Halloween this year.  E-mail deleted.

But now I know it really is July because the football camps are starting up.  A week from this Sunday is the opening of pre-season professional football.  I know, it is only pre-season and it's the Hall of Fame game, etc. etc.  But it is football and soon summer and the heat will be over and then it will be fall.  Until then, I know it is July because it is almost 10 p.m. and it is 90 degrees outside.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Friday, July 18, 2014


That's right, whew!  I feel like a bear that's emerging from hibernation.  After a long winter of sleep she's coming out into the light, blinking, looking around, taking deep refreshing breaths and thinking oh, that's right, this is the world. A few stretches and it is time to go back into the bear routine.

I think I went somewhat underground while finishing up one of my last classes.  While I enjoyed writing the paper on genetically modified food and doing the presentation on Enron's fall, I had to focus every minute of non-work, non-sleep time on them.  No time to write posts and no time to read posts, or anything else for that matter.  I barely even glanced at the news, but I got both assignments done and got the A!  But while I focused on them I neglected other things and found myself absolutely absorbed into doing the work. 

Creative conversion of the crate into a grooming table!
I did manage to show Bentley at two local shows last weekend, with bathing and grooming occupying my thoughts briefly.  Then it was back to finishing up the presentation.  Monday night the class was over and I had to then quickly prepare for the Thursday night class and submit assignments.  I faced a busy week at work and preparing to head to Houston for more dog shows (no showing, just steward work) again filled my thoughts. 

After a bleary-eyed drive to Houston last night I was up early this a.m. and ringside at 7 a.m.  But it was a good day, especially since for the first time I was working at the ring where the long haired dachshunds were showing!  So, the bear has come out of hibernation and remembers that yes, there is a life out here.  She yawns, stretches, and lumbers off ready to find a comfortable place for a good nights sleep.  Time to resume all those other activities tomorrow.
Ready, set, show!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wednesday 07.09.2014

Art Deco
Briscoe Western Art Museum
(originally San Antonio's first Public Library and later, home to the Hertzberg Circus Collection)

Friday, July 4, 2014

Celebrating the Fourth of July

Here's what was on my grill tonight!  I've spent the day working on a paper about the ethical issues of bioengineered food and I'm fairly sure that everything (except maybe the tomato) is a product of genetic modification!

I can hear the pop pop pop of fireworks right now and know that American's are celebrating our freedoms!  I'm thankful that I'm an American and live in the land of the free and the brave!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wednesday 07.02.2014

Detail of leather saddle, South Texas Heritage Center, Witte Museum