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Monday, December 22, 2014

Santa, I still believe

This Santa stands perpetually in front of a candy store in Fredericksburg, Texas on a year round basis, greeting passerby's with his jolly presence. 

I've always loved the story of Santa Claus and I still do.  I find myself admiring Santa's in many art forms.  I love the Coca-Cola Santas, but find others just as charming. On Saturday while in Fredericksburg a real Santa was sitting inside one of the stores.  As I passed by I smiled and waved and said " Hi Santa!".  He smiled and waved back.  How dear he is!

As soon as I learned to write I remember copying, or attempting to copy, the words to "The Night Before Christmas". I still have the very tattered, scribbled in copy of that storybook that I copied from.  Christmas mornings were always so exciting to wake up and find my stocking filled with an apple, orange and candy cane and toys under the tree.  We never had lavish, excessive gifts, but what was there was still magical to me - it was brought by Santa! When my children were small they and their cousins humored me every Christmas Eve by letting me read the story to them.  I think its beauty was lost on them, but I enjoyed the story.  (Just to note the cousins didn't believe in Santa, so they weren't too excited about the whole idea!)

I find myself still believing in Santa even though I know that a rather round man in a red suit doesn't fly all over the world in one night jumping down chimneys and delivering a bag of toys at each house. No, he isn't real, but I do find joy in the story of Santa and I believe in that concept of doing good and bringing happiness, where possible, to the world. Santa is a happy character that brings smiles to faces of all ages. The endearing man in the red suit does not replace the baby in the manger, but portrays the idea of generosity and giving to bring joy to others.  Indeed, the story and Santa himself seem to bring joy everywhere.

Santa, dear, I still believe!

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