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Thursday, April 3, 2014

How many?

For the last two years (maybe three) I've chronicled the blossom of an amaryllis in front of my house.  This year will not be an exception to the continuing tale.  I started with one bulb, a Christmas gift from a co-worker.  By last spring the pot was full of amaryllis plants.  I dug them all up, divided, replanted and gave away many.  I put two large bulbs back in the original pot and scattered several others in various pots.  Over the summer, fall and winter they multiplied into many amaryllis.  I wondered if they would bloom and if I would get multiple blooms.

The speculation came to an end on Sunday afternoon when I realized that two large stalks had shot up from the large pot. If I remember correctly, last year there were four trumpet like flowers on the stalk.  What will happen this year waits to be revealed.

But wait, there's more.  After I made the pictures I got closer, just looking around to check for more blooms.  And, yes, there is one more!   There will be three this year!
This bud is still small, so I'm wondering if its bloom will coincide with Easter.

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