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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Finally, it's fall!

Sometime tomorrow it will officially be fall.  Yippee and hip hip hooray, I say!  And, today it actually felt like fall.  This past week we had some rain and cooler days; this morning the temperature was noticeably cooler and I could feel the change.  The air was different and the sky seemed to have that brilliant blue that comes with fall weather.  It was enjoyable to do yard work today since it was just a little warm.  Oh, we'll have some more days of warm weather.  I'll wear shorts and sandals for another month or so.  And, the air conditioner will continue to run.  But I feel fall in the air, finally!

Pumpkins in the store!

Remember the story about the 5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate?  Here they are, just waiting for Halloween!  And see the little witch on the right just above the mums?  She's in the story, too.This little display reminded me of my last trip to New England when pumpkins and mums were everywhere.  Now I'm ready to decorate!

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