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Monday, August 12, 2013

The Lottery

Last week there was a rather large lottery jack pot up for grabs.  There was a lot of media coverage both before and after the drawing.  I did not win because I did not take the time to buy a ticket.  I rarely play the lottery, but sometimes if I happen to be in a convenience store and the jack pot is large enough I spend a dollar or two.  After the drawing last week I found myself thinking, what if I had won the lottery?  So, I played the "What If" game.

First of all I would quit the job to nowhere.  I would buy a new conversion van type motor home and start traveling all around the United States, with the dogs and my small Featherweight sewing machine.  I would visit historical places, quilt shops and stop at the dog shows along the way.  I would take my time and visit with folks along the way, experiencing the people of America.  Of course, I would be blogging all the way!

I would come home from time, but how nice to be able to do what I wanted, when I wanted.  Ah, that would be the good life!  I probably wouldn't change my life style very much, except in the aspect of time.

After I savored that delightful thought I had a realization.  I would also be able to volunteer, something I dearly love to do.  I could select two or three worthy organizations and get involved.  I would also have the time to make meals to send to sick or bereaved people, something I can't even think about now.  I could even volunteer to take friends to doctor appointments when the call for help goes out.  On and on I thought of the things I could do.  Winning the lottery wouldn't be just about me, but about being able to give my time to others, too.  But wait, do I have to win the lottery to do these things?  Absolutely not, I just need the time; hopefully, someday I will be able to do all these things. 

Maybe I don't need to win the lottery.  Winning the lottery would be nice, so would that conversion van.  But, really life is just fine the way it is, too! 

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