It is the small simple things of life that bring us peace.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lenten Thought #2

In the first thought I asked the question, what is Lent all about?  My first answer was:  Love.  My next answer is:  Peace.  It is about peace, and the concept of finding peace and contentment in our lives.  So, I ask more questions.  Do we have peace in our hearts?  Are we content with what we have and the way we live?  Deep down inside are we really happy?  Do we try to have peace in our lives?  How do we find peace, happiness and joy in our lives since this world does not offer us peace in many forms. 

To find peace you’ve got to look for it and recognize its absence in your life. If you are grumbling and complaining all the time it is time to get rid of those thoughts since they don’t bring peace to you.  Why are you grumbling and what can you do to improve the situation (or better yet, is it really worth complaining about?).   I’ve posted about this before, but when I find myself grumbling a little too much I’ve found that the quickest way to stop the unhappy thoughts it to quickly think of five things I’m thankful for.  Rarely do I stop at just five things!

Finally, you have to invite peace into your life.  The opening verses of Psalm 23 describe lying down in green pastures and letting God lead you beside still waters.  You can’t sit peacefully by the still waters if you are in the water thrashing around.  You have to get out of the water, sit down quietly, and let God lead you in the stillness.  Then there is peace.

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