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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mixing Seasons

I've been busy. Between a busy-work, non-productive job and school I'm busy.  Then add in preparing for Thanksgiving.  I'm busy.  I've had a lot of thoughts about blogging but haven't been able to sit down and get the thoughts out.  I haven't had to time to read other blogs, either.  But it's ok, life is good anyway!
I've always been a firm believer in not mixing the seasons.  After all, I was raised in the generation that didn't wear white between Labor Day and Easter!  I've always stuck to the tradition that one season's decorations were put away before the next season's were brought out.  Fall decorations stay out until Thanksgiving, then they go away.  The Nativity set is put up on the first Sunday of Advent and stays up until Epiphany.  The tree is put up the first weekend in December and goes down (more or less) on New Years.  The only exception to mixing fall and holiday seasons is the Christmas village. Some years I've put it up early in November (I love its soft glow and peacefulness!) and left it up until way into January.
Last year I broke my rules and got out some of the Christmas decos early.  I knew that Jaydon would be leaving to see his Dad before Christmas and not returning until after New Years so I wanted him to have as much Christmas time as possible.  And, that was okay with me, too, since I love Christmas.
So, last Friday night Jaydon asked me if we could get out the Christmas village.  I had to tell him, no we'll do it next weekend.  I was tired and had too many other things to do.  We discussed the fact that Thanksgiving is early this year so there will be an extra week to get out decorations and move into Christmas.  I'm sticking to my rules here, no mixing of the seasons. Then he asked when would we do the tree and got the answer, the first weekend in December. 
But then on Saturday I went out to run errands and I ended up breaking my resolution to stick to the rules.  Walmart had Norfolk Island Pines in their entry way, by the shopping carts.  No fair, tricked me into buying one!    So for the next week, Fall and a little Christmas will co-exist.  After all, aren't rules made to be bent a little?
Pupmkins and Christmas trees can co-exist!

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