It is the small simple things of life that bring us peace.


"Baby" (also known as Abbey)
She is really Stephanie's cat, but has lived with me since she was very young.  She is very sweet and keeps to herself a lot , but she squeaks instead of meowing.

Baxter and Mitzie as kittens (Mitzie is on the right with the dark paw).  They were part of a litter of 5 kittens caught by friends from church.  When they told me they were going to take them to animal control  I told them I would be right over.  I had planned on taking all of them and finding homes for them, but much to my relief by the time I got to their house they had found homes for 2 of the kittens.  We still laugh about how surprised they were when I said I would take the 2 cream colored kittens.  I'm so glad I did as they have made wonderful companions.

This is  recent picture of Baxter and Mitzie.  They really have sweet personalities, but look a little solemn in this picture!

This is Shadow and this is her favorite "perch".  She sleeps by my pillow and likes to have her chin scratched.

This is Lacey.  She showed up one morning with another neighborhood cat, starving to death.  That night she was letting me pet her and I realized that she had either had kittens or was about to.  Several nights later she brought her 2 little ones to my front porch.  The next night she moved them to the safety of the (very hot) garage.  She is now well fed, spayed and a part of my household.  She is very sweet and loving.